Coinpot auto claim Bot || Coinpot 自动刷比特币软件

free and easy to use. just setup and running on your computer background. you will get up to 1 bitcoin in one year.||免费并且使用简单.只需安装之后运行在您的电脑后台.您将会在1年的时间里得到最高1个比特币.

Yes we can! || 我们能做到!

We can make you get a substantial income in your daily life. And all this does not require you to spend any time! || 我们能使你在日常生活中,得到一笔可观的收入!并且这一切不需要你花费任何时间!

Easy to Use || 使用简单

Free download and setup.Running it on your computer background.Done!And get your bitcoin! || 免费下载然后安装,让软件运行在您的电脑后台,完成!获取您的比特币!

big income || 可观的收入

According to our actual test you will get up to 1 bitcoin in one year! And not require you to spend any time! || 根据我们的实际测试,你可以在一年的时间里得到最高1个比特币!并且不会花费您的任何时间!

Safe and reliable || 安全可靠

Your account and the bitcoin income completely controlled by your own! || 您的账号以及比特币收入完全由您自己掌控!

devices can be used? || 哪些设备可以使用?

What is bitcoin || 什么是比特币

Bitcoin is money ! || 比特币就是金钱!


Bitcoin is an innovative payment network and a new kind of money. || 比特币是一种创新的支付网络,一种新的货币。 - bitcoin

News || 最新消息

Software update information || 软件更新信息