Multiple Device

We cover platforms like android,tablets and desktop. For management we have desktop solutions and for students mobile solutions.

Powerful Data

Information is effective when it reaches on time, and data storage and delivery plays a important role. So we created a separate storage units for our clients.

Unlimited Data

A one click submission form to construct any information and delivery of the same makes task a lot more easier for new users.

24 / 7 Support

A dedicated team runs 24/7 to keep the platform running all the time. And a support that can be relied upon.

for the new users

Anything new seems difficult at first, but with the use it gets easy. But we created the system with one tap entry and one tap view, with all the content on the left drawer so its easier for our new users.

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Now everything
in your hand

Scholar Chronicles mobile application has all the records of students from attendance to statistics, term records to homework and notices. And it gets much more easier with Library Management, Bus Management, Payroll Management, Accounts Management, Internal Staff Notices and much more.


why this app is best


We are not the first but certainly a redesigned clean and polished version with core content presented with creativity


With an end to end encryption we guard the data that you trust us with. Separate login credentials generated for each user


There comes a time when things get old and something new, elegant and modern takes over. But with the core knowledge of the old.

User Friendly

With not much of a hustle we made this application on a one touch appearance. Even a unknown user can run the interface


With a separate interface we provide data delivery and presentation to our users, and the system can take a load of 10000 hits per second.

Light Vision

With every thing on the cloud application doesn't take much users your mobile space. It is amongst the lightest versions.

Available on all platform

For the feasibility of our service Scholar Chronicles mobile application can be downloaded on android, ios, Microsoft and desktops / tablets.

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About us

Scholar Chronicles is a mobile based application which acts as a link between the school management and students / parents, this application allows schools to enhance its link with the persons involved from (management - parents, teacher - students). This application is flexible and allows schools to create their own customize content and provides a great alternative to day to day​ ​school​ ​alerts​ ​by​ ​using​ ​push​ ​notifications​ ​directly​ ​to​ ​parents​ ​/​ ​students​ ​smartphones.

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