we need to return to our conservative roots

The Holy Bible

The one and only great God of this book has richly blessed our country and has provided the basis of our conservative thought.

Our Founding Fathers

The majority of the signers of the Declaration of Independence were Christians who understood the importance of God and the Constitution in our daily lives.

The Constitution

The ruling document of our great land based upon Judaeo/Christian principles and great democratic thinkers of the past.

Our Country's Past

The past glory of our country is gone because we no longer put God first in our lives. Christians need to witness to the lost and pray fervently for a nationwide revival.

About this site

It is my belief  there is a concerted push from Liberals and Progressives to remove God and our Constitution from our country by stating we don’t need God and our Constitution is outdated. They mock God by calling his truth relative and  misrepresent our great history to fit their anti-God and anti-American agendas.  We need to return first and foremost to God  who has so richly blessed our country, and secondly, to the Holy Bible  and great documents that used to rule our land. 

About Me

David mills

I am a Christian Conservative and retired from the military. My passions are God, my marriage, and my country.  

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