Keys to Hiring the Right Technician

  Making a mistake with hiring can be extremely costly so it’s something you should invest proper time and effort into getting right. These are our top tips in hiring skilled technicians in any industry but they’re really applicable to hiring anyone.   Know who you want to hire Firstly, you want to have the exact right candidate in mind: make sure you know the specific hard skills, soft skills, experience and background you need. People tend to make mistakes here by not being specific enough. Don’t write down ambiguous things like 2-10 years of experience because it’s too large […] idolothyte

Why you should invest in a field management system

  Service companies, now more than ever need to take the time, effort and money to invest in a Field Management System or Scheduling System. The long-term (and short-term) benefits far outweigh the costs both in money and time. Still, as the primary salesman for FieldSumo I hear the reasons against adopting new technology constantly. I’ve listed my rebuttals below.   “I’d like to but we don’t have the time” Using a new software is an investment of resources, there’s no way around that, but it will provide significant returns. Depending on your business, it could result in more jobs […] Read More

Seven reasons why your customers don’t come back

A company typically depends on keeping existing customers and gaining new ones in order to grow. A question to think about is why some customers do not come back again after trying your services. It is worthwhile to think through if there are some possible reasons behind it and not just looking at them as mere coincidences. As you get them right, it will go a long way to help you in keeping the new customers as well. In this post, we will look at 7 reasons why your customers do not come back. 1. You’re not up to date […] Read More

How to keep your best customers

In every business, there are various types of customers, the loyal, the occasional, the functional and the price conscious customers. At Glorgo and FieldSumo we are continuously improving our services in the hope of keeping the best (and most valuable) customers. Through our experiences and feedback collected we believe that a few key areas we can focus on are service quality, technology features and relationship building. Here are our top ten pointers to keeping your best customers. Ease of booking Digital penetration is on the rise, even more so over the last few years. As consumers are shifting to e-commerce […] (713) 918-8050


In Singapore (home of the FieldSumo HQ) people work incredibly long hours and rely on top-notch home service companies to keep their lives afloat. So, whether it’s house cleaning, air-con servicing, fixing a leak or dealing with an infestation; the expectations are high for the chosen service company. Over at Glorgo (our home services marketplace) we’ve had our fair share of difficult customers. While it’s easy to just blame the customer and move on we believe there’s real value in turning a difficult customer into a loyal one. Here are some lessons I’ve learnt from running Customer Service at Glorgo. […] 9408183486